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If you don't have a list

you don't have a business!

Learn AND create every aspect of building an email list so you can expand your business and make sales.

  • learn All the email basics and strategies

  • setup, automate, and create a system that grows your list without being attached to your business 24-7

  • create your juicy offer that converts to sales on auto-pilot

Taking Action Doesn't Mean

Wasting Time Messaging More People

Paying To Get More Followers

Posting More On Social Media

It's About The Steps That Lead To SALES!

Taking Action Doesn't Mean

Wasting Time Messaging More People

Paying To Get More Followers

Posting More On Social Media

It's About The Steps That Lead To SALES!

Yes, social Content Is important...

BUT think about this - your social posts have limited life!

You can spin your wheels making content day in and day out but it's only going to be seen for a few hours, a day if you're lucky....

No matter how you look at it - feed content is limited!

AND WORST YET! You don't own social media so you have no control over getting hacked, changes, or getting shut down!

NONE OF THIS IS GOOD when you need to build trust and have your offer seen at least 7-10 times before they consider buying from you. So I thought about my business... "What did it take for me to be seen more and faster?"

The Answer?: Solving problems for the right people and connecting with them OFF of social media!

Bottom line: If you're building a business what you NEED MOST is customers.

...And I'm going to show you how you can set yourself up to attract an engaged audience of perfect buyers 24/7.

This is how you’ll go from struggling with sales to creating consistent revenue with engaged, PERFECT buyers with every step laid out.

Welcome to the...

Who Is This For?

  • Dedicated entrepreneurs who understand the value of real marketing strategies and building relationships

  • Network Marketers, Course/Content Creators, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Realtors, Business Professionals etc (anyone who has a need for customers)

  • "Work smarter, not harder" business owners who don't want to spend their life glued to their devices.

  • Business owners ready to create methods which bring a steady flow of leads and buyers

Dedicated entrepreneurs who understand the value of real marketing strategies and building relationships.

Network Marketers, Course/Content Creators, Entrepreneurs, Influencers, Realtors, Business Professionals etc (aka anyone who has a need for customers).

"Work smarter, not harder" business owners who don't want to spend their life glued to their devices.

Business owners ready to create methods which bring a steady flow of leads and buyers.

Hey Friend - Nice to meet you!

I'm Sue Peters, digital marketing expert and coach helping women create wealth and freedom with real marketing strategies and automation...

I've been in your shoes!! I was told to make a list, it's a numbers game, message more people, show up more on social - rinse and repeat.

Look, I'll be honest, these methods "can" work but they are not scalable and they inevitably will lead to burnout - and that's just NOT what I wanted for my business.

Instead, I chose to focus on learning skills, creating assets, and using Freebies as a way to build trust, grow my influence, which does ALL the heavy lifting for me.

And I learned along the way that it does take the RIGHT freebie, with the RIGHT structure, shown to the RIGHT people for it to effectively position my products and services as the next no-brainer step.

That's where the Ultimate List Building Bootcamp comes in!

With The List Building Bootcamp...

Together we will create the most captivating lead magnet for your business. One that attracts the PERFECT buyers and positions your business for sales.

It's not enough to simply grow a following or email list if nobody is interested in what you have to offer. A big following means nothing if you aren't making sales, which means your content has no strategy.

So I'm going to walk you through STEP BY STEP EXACTLY how your captivating freebie MUST be laid out so it's optimized for the right people and for sales.

You'll also learn ALL the email basics, HOW to set up your automation the RIGHT way, HOW to monetize and sell through email marketing and FAR more. This framework allows your email list to serve a purpose and your social posts can now be fuel for that list.

Here's What You Get With The List Building Bootcamp


Module 1:

Understanding Every Aspect Of Email Basics...

In Module 1 we will review ALL the email basics.

Everything from when to send your emails, how often, how to stay out of the spam folders, compliance and regulations and beyond. We will also brainstorm content ideas together, talk email provider options, and review your roadmap to getting your first 1,000 subscribers!

Module 2:

Uncover & Create The irresistible content people want...

If you want to grow your bank account using lead generation methods than you have to create the RIGHT freebie for the RIGHT people; otherwise, you're list will never grow.

Your list will be your most valuable asset but only if you get this part right.

In Module 2 we will create the juiciest, irresistible freebie that's aligned with your product and service for the right people to create something they feel like they MUST HAVE. The more irresistible your freebie is to your ideal audience, the more qualified your leads will be.

Module 3:

Setting Up the automation process...

If you want to automate the process of getting leads and sales then you will need to automate the process of people requesting your freebie, adding and tagging them on your list, and delivering the product you promised.

There are specific details your opt-in form needs to have. We will review the anatomy of a properly set-up opt-in form and I have a checklist for you as well. Beyond that I also walk you through the process of setting this up as well.

Module 4:

The Specific blueprint for successful Email Marketing...

Let's face it most people won't buy right away. How you nurture your new subscribers is absolute key if you want to convert to sales.

We will tackle optimizing open rates, delivery rates, keeping them reader friendly, optimizing your subject line, branding, important analytics, and growth secrets!

This is the secret sauce to building trust and credibility so your subscribers "want" what you have.

Module 5:

The proper email setup process...

The way you send your emails matters!

This is a big area that most people get wrong and it's also a piece that most courses will leave out!! We are going to talk about getting your domain, setting up your email properly, and I will explain all the details as to why this matters and help you get things in place the right way in this module. Get this part wrong and your subscribers will likely never even see your emails!

Module 6:

Ongoing Email Marketing and generating sales...

Why do you want to build a list?

To ultimately make sales right? This is where we get into the goods with generating sales with your list over time.

This module is all about the ongoing strategy to grow your bank account.


Bonus 1:

Ideal Audience Workbooks...

With this bonus you will have a complete workbook to help you hone in closely to who your ideal audience is and what it is they need and desire.

The more clearly we can define who you're talking to the sexier your offer will appear to them making it so your perfect leads will quickly raise their hand asking for more.

Bonus 2:

The Title & Hooks Formula Worksheet...

You could spend months creating a freebie that has incredible content but if it doesn't capture attention then it's a complete waste of time.

This worksheet will help you come up with a catchy title and a formula for a hook that gets them curious to know more. An amazing freebie that never gets seen is just a sad waste of valuable information. Using this strategy will help to make sure you get seen.

Bonus 3:

Lead Magnet Topics & Framework Vault...

This bonus has 2 resources: 1) Uncover the topic that will get them excited and 2) Choose a framework that's ideal for your freebie.

I will review over 60 topic ideas in different industries to help get the juices flowing for ideas. As for your framework, I have 34 different ideas for you to consider to help insure that you're creating the best option for your audience.

Bonus 4:

The 6 Figure Lead Magnet Blueprint...

The reason this has worked so well for my business is because I had a specific framework in place for my freebies.

This 6 figure blueprint template is going to help make sure everything is laid out to be optimized for sales. After-all, the ultimate goal is to convert and make sales - right?

Bonus 5:

Pre-created Lead Magnet Templates...

While I'm giving you everything you need STEP BY STEP to put this together, I know it can be challenging when thinking about the creative. That's why I took the time to also create 5 different templates for you.

The structure and design is in place, all you have to do is complete the steps of this course then fill in your content and details in one of the templates I provide you. They are completely customizable so feel free to change anything you'd like - colors, fonts etc.

Bonus 6:

Email Sequence Example Templates...

Another important aspect to email marketing is your delivery, welcome, and nurture sequence emails. There is a systematic approach to this first sequence of emails you send out to new subscribers and it could make or break whether or not they decide to stick around.

This bonus gives you a fully laid out sequence to help you get this part right!

Bonus 7:

Subject Line Examples & Tips Workbook...

Your subject line determines whether or not your email gets opened and can even dictate whether you are sent to the spam folder.

You have to have a captivating subject line, but you also have to use a lot of caution here as well to avoid triggering the servers. I've got the best tips for you and also some pretty incredible taglines that will get your subscribers curious!

Bonus 8:

The Tutorial Library...

This is where you will find all the "how to's" you need to create a beautiful presentation with your lead magnet, optimizing your opt-in pages, and even creating mockups and how to use Canva. There are also tutorials on setting up domains, SMPT, and beyond.

....Here's A Recap Of All You Get With The

Module 1

Understanding Every Aspect Of Email Basics ($67 value)

Module 2

Uncover & Create The irresistible content people want ($97value)

Module 3

Setting Up the automation process ($27 value)

Module 4

The Specific blueprint for successful Email Marketing ($67 value)

Module 5

The proper email setup process
($97 value)

Module 6

Ongoing Email Marketing and generating sales ($67 value)

Bonus 1

the ideal Audience Workbooks ($97 value)

Bonus 2

title & hooks formula worksheets ($47 value)

Bonus 3

the Topics & framework vault ($97 value)

Bonus 4

the 6 figure Lead Magnet blueprint ($47 value)

Bonus 5

the Lead Magnet Templates ($97 value)

Bonus 6

Email Sequence Example Templates ($97 value)

Bonus 7

Subject Line Examples & Tips Workbook ($47 value)

Bonus 8

the Tutorial Library
($47 value)

It's $998 Worth of Value for only $197 $47

Inside this Ultimate List Building Bootcamp, you’ll have EVERYTHING you need to Understand, create, and implement the perfect system to build your list …

It's $998 Worth of Value for only $197 $47

Inside this Ultimate List Building Bootcamp, you’ll have EVERYTHING you need to Understand, create, and implement the perfect system to build your list …

Save 90%....

  • Ultimate List Building Bootcamp Training 
    ($422 value)

  • BONUS 1: Ideal Audience & Benefits Workbooks ($97 value)

  • BONUS 2: The title & hooks formula worksheet ($47 value)

  • BONUS 3: the Topics and Framework Vault ($97 value)

  • ​BONUS 4: the 6 figure blueprint template ($47 value)

  • BONUS 5: The lead magnet templates ($97 value)

  • BONUS 6: Email sequence Example Templates ($97 Value)

  • BONUS 7: Subject Line examples & tips workbook ($47 value)

  • BONUS 8: The tutorial library ($47 value)

Total Value: $998

Yours Today for $197... $47


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The List Building Bootcamp is a COMPLETE interactive course that shows you how EXACTLY how to "transform" your business to get more leads and sales so you can create time freedom, grow your income, and create the business you've always wanted!

  • ​Unlimited Interested Leads

  • Perfect For Any business

  • ​More sales and better relationships

  • Set It Up Once & Grow Your Business 24/7

If you're not maximizing the power of lead magnets...

Then you’re missing out on the beauty of how email marketing can build relationships that

convert to sales...

(that you didn’t even know existed!)

Common FAQ's

How and when can I access the videos?

You get immediate access to the course in your online members library. As soon as you sign up you will get an email with your login credentials so you can dive in right away. All bonuses are downloadable so you can print them or just use them as reference as you go.

How long is each video?

I want to make sure we get right to the point. I don't want to waste your time and I know you don't want it wasted either. So each video is anywhere from 5-30 minutes in length. Some topics are longer than others, but I did my best to keep the material as condensed as possible.

If I already have a list will this still be beneficial

Maybe. If you feel like you've been winging it and you don't really have a strategy, unsure of compliance, how to structure nurture sequences, or even setting things up the right way with an email domain, staying out of spam folders, creating optimized freebies etc then Yes - this will be beneficial. But if you feel like you have a handle on your list and it's growing then not likely.

Is this course really only $47?

Yes it is! No strings attached! I wanted to keep it super affordable so anyone can benefit from it. This is something that every business owner truly needs and I always hear "Sue I have no idea where to start" - well this is it! Every entrepreneur should be able to get started off right!

Building a strong email list has been the core in how I've built my business and I want you to have those same benefits. No matter what kind of business you are in. This course LITERALLY goes start to finish and tackles every area for email marketing to set you up for success - It covers SUPER important topics that most courses on list building will miss!

Is there a money back guarantee?


Join the List Building Bootcamp today, watch the videos, download the resources, and implement the assignments. And if you don't feel like you got way more value than what you invested than just reach out with your work attached within 14 days and I will issue you a refund.

P.S. In case you're someone (like me lol) who just skips to the end of the page, here's the deal:

I want to show you how to "transform" your business using Email Marketing the RIGHT way. It's the perfect way to build trust and credibility, find PEREFECT leads, and create more sales.

I walk you through step by step a COMPLETE Blueprint on how to find your perfect people, creating a drool worthy lead magnet, setting up the automation, understanding all the basics so you are primed for success, and even monetizing your list for sales

There's no catch... no gimmicks... You will NOT be signing up for any "trial" or a monthly program or anything like that.

If fact, if you don't love the [Product Name] - I'll even give you a full refund PLUS let you keep the blueprint!

Click the button below to get your hands on this now. Your people are waiting to find you.

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