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This is an MRR product (Master Resell Rights). You get the licensed rights to sell the product yourself and keep 100% of the profits.

Digital Diva Academy $497

Your MONEY MAKER! Have you thought about creating an online digital business but you have no idea where to start or what you'd even create? THIS is the course you want. Not only will you learn the ropes of EVERYTHING digital marketing like selling, creation, social media, seo, chatGPT, how to put it together and beyond but you ALSO will have FULL resell rights to sell this exact course as your own. It's a complete DONE-FOR-YOU course that is BOTH your gold mine of EDUCATION and also the PRODUCT you can sell and keep 100% of the profits! 💸

Intrigued but want to learn more first?

I put together a FREE training that lays everything out in detail for you... Grab that here:

This is an MRR product (Master Resell Rights). You get the licensed rights to sell the product yourself and keep 100% of the profits.

Digital Product Lab $147

This is a comprehensive digital product package designed to give you the tools and resources you need to create, market, and sell your own high-quality digital products, all while retaining 100% of the profits. 9 Niche Specific Product Bundles That Can Be Sold Individually, In Different Combinations, Or As A Full Set Like You See Here, 47 Planners And Journals To Sell Individually Or Bundle and MORE...

The List Building Bootcamp $47

Become a MASTER at email marketing. This course is the course every entrepreneur needs as it will help you build the foundation for your business. Every single step is covered from when to send emails, what to send, keeping you our of spam folders, keeping you compliant, the layout that creates sales, email sequencing with templates and examples, and far far far beyond. This is the course you can't list without.

This is an MRR product (Master Resell Rights). You get the licensed rights to sell the product yourself and keep 100% of the profits.

The Passive Income Product Generator $27

The Passive Income Product Generator comes WITH Master Resell Rights, and is a game-changing resource that helps you generate MORE INCOME and ENDLESS PRODUCT IDEAS! This comprehensive digital product is designed to be a go to resource to generate countless product ideas over and over again for your business, all while increasing profits because you can also SELL the product as a low ticket offer!

The Unlimited Leads Camp $27

Get access to the Ultimate strategy for finding the best leads; people who actually WANT to buy from you. I'll walk you through step by step in how to create the perfect lead magnet your audience will be dying to get their hands on.

The Prospecting Playbook Masterclass $9

I'm not the "hey girl" type. Never was and that held me back for years and years in my business because I didn't know what else to do. Mass messaging, friend requesting, stalking groups, and being a billboard for the company's products are pretty much what I saw all Network Marketers do. I felt stuck so I just did my own thing. I focused on what I knew about business, marketing and adding value and I built my business "My Way". After 6 years and feeling like I built an amazing personal brand I'm here to help other women use funnels, marketing, and REAL business strategies to automate their business and create something they can feel proud of!

The Biggest A.I. Secret To Rapid Content Creation! $Free

I'm always looking for ways to speed up my content creation. I stumbled on A.I. and the entire game changed. I used to spend 5-10 hours per month crafting content (precisely like you are about to learn in this video) and now I'm down to 10-20 minutes a month. I started showing others how to do it and sold this exact method to many happy customers! Time is money and this insane method will save you an crazy amounts of time.

How to automate your business free guide. $Free

In this guide I'm going to show you the 5 critical steps to automate your business. Automation is the secret weapon to creating freedom. Building a business means nothing if you have to be attached to it 24/7. Learn the secrets to automation in this free guide.

How to start making money online $Free

In this guide I'm going to show you what Instagram is loving right now, how to increase your engagement and stand out, and I'm going to give you the step by step process to monetizing your account and automate the process. Complete with a checklist and secrets to fast track your success and have an unfair advantage to growing your business and income fast!

Over 100 Captivating Hook Ideas $Free

You have about 3 seconds to capture the attention of your audience and that's done by your visual (the photo or video) and by your HOOK. Without a good hook your reader won't be curious and want to read more. Grab their attention using one of my captivating hooks that you can use for any of your content.

30 Social Media Content Ideas $Free

Ever feel lost on what to post? Let alone what to post in order to attract the right people and make sales. This is why I created the 30+ Social Media Content Ideas resource for you! I know what it's like to stare at your phone or computer feeling lost on what to post. Use this as your guide to create content that converts!

The Magnetic Prospecting Formula $Free

Your network marketing business is about YOU. People are going to buy into you LONG before they will ever buy into a product or believe in an opportunity. There's a formula to attracting success and it starts and ends with you not your company. This is an incredibly valuable resource to help you understand the big picture of building a business that's "hey girl" free.

The Trello Content Board $Free

Organzie and get ahead on your social media content and posting strategy. Trello is an organiztion tool that you can use for all of your ideas, content, and business planning. And the best part is it's free!! Oe of the best ways to use it is planning. With my trello content board you will have a full 30 days of content laid our for you AND 30 days of reels ideas - complete with audio and ideas on how to use the audio as it relates to your business. This is a must have resource if you need to get an edge on your content strategy.

DFY Funnels & Website $297

For the super busy Entrepreneurs out there or those who are ready to launch FAST, I created the Done-For-You Launch Accelerator.

I've done the hard work and have built out marketing funnels and website templates to help you launch your business right out of the gate. You'll use the same platform I use for all of my digital products - it was created for Network Marketers and is pretty incredible - not to mention affordable and will have everything you need to build your business from here forward!

Hypothyroid Health Resources

The Hypothyroid Master Series Complete Course $127

This is my personal brand! I took my health back in massive ways - NO MORE MEDICATION for anything!! I stay fit, I eat healthy and "correctly" for thyroid health and I feel amazing. Why would I not help other women with the same issues I dealt with bc everyone deserves to feel this good! That's exactly how I built my personal brand. I share my knowledge with women like me. I create resources to help them, I'm a resource and inspiration for them. I show them what's possible, I remind them it's worth it and I provide them insights to help get one step closer to feeling like themselves again. It's such a gift and has given my hypothyroid struggle a purpose!

The Hashimoto's Reset Program $97

The #1 root cause in Hashimoto's is gut dysfunction. The Hashimoto's Reset is an edcational program that digs into understanding Hashimoto's, gut health, inflammation, and foods PLUS an actionable program that gives you step by step guidance on how to implement healing. There is nothing like this program out there and the bonuses alone are HUGE value including a deep health assessment where we dig into your personal health.

The Hypothyroid Nutrition Starter Kit $7

This is one the of the resources I built within my personal brand to help women like me. Not everyone is ready for my full course, this gives you a starting point. There is a focus on going gluten free the right way as well as an overview of balanced nutrition and understanding how to create a foundation without dieting. There are some great extras and amazing recipes to help along the way too. It's just a perfect place to begin if you are new to being hypothyroid or feeling overwhelmed. Take a step back, keep it simply, and just start somewhere. Gluten free is my personal recommendation.

Crushing Cravings Guide $Free

You are about to discover some of the things I do to completely crush my cravings. Cravings usually have hidden meaning and I'll share with you what's most likely missing in your diet that is leading to your cravings and what to do about it. ! I'm on a mission to help women everywhere fight back with the REAL solution to this disease.

Top Tips Guide $Free

This guide will share with you just a FEW of the MANY aha moment's I've had over the years. I never imagined there were so many factors that could make a difference with hypothyroidism and Hashimoto's! But if I could look back ans pick some of the most important areas to focus on first the areas in the guide with be it.

Prebiotics / Probiotics Guide $Free

Learn more about the value of BOTH prebiotics and probiotics and how they work together to keep your body in balance. Our gut is quite literally our second brain. It's where nutrients are absorbed so it's a common root for deficiencies, it's commonly where autoimmune issues begin, and 'almost' every disease and health issue known is connected to our gut in some way. When our gut is off WE are off. Symptoms will persist, our health will continue in the wrong direction and our immune system will continue to be compromised. Healing your gut is one of the single most important things you can do!

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